Médecins Sans Frontières Scientific Days 2016

Today I attended the second day of the annual Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders Scientific Day.

I have been thoroughly impressed not only by the entire program this year but also with the dedication to broadening access to healthcare, improving diagnostic systems and achieving the objective of the democratisation of health through the development of accessible and appropriate technologies. E-health, digital health and telemedicine – for far too long it has been assumed that these are not feasible, viable modes for use in low and middle income countries. And this is simply not the case.

I commend MSF and the global health community for their dedication to e-health. I’m excited by the changes in the global health landscape: the world is changing rapidly and (fortunately) we, in health, are keeping up!

Next stop: My first ever TED event tonight!

Yours truly,


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