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Life Cycle Management: An ‘Insider’s’ guide on how to make your drug last FOREVER $$$

A CASE STUDY In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, there is a critical point in dealing with your novel agent when it becomes vital to have a clear and cohesive strategy as to how to manage and optimize the life of said drug, agent or device! Namely, ahead of introduction to the market. So, just ...

Antimicrobial Resistance Series : Intro to AMR

The term antibiotic was first coined in 1941 by Selman Waksman to describe any small molecule made by a microbe that antagonizes the growth of other microbes. The antibiotic age occurred with the development of other agents such as tetracycline, streptomycin and chloramphenicol from soil bacteria; amongst others. Modern medicine received a lifeline when Sir ...

Challenges Facing the South African Pharmaceutical Industry

I am a firm and unapologetic believer that the partnership of NGOs, national and international health governance with the pharmaceutical industry, rather than its exclusion, is vital to the effective treatment of disease globally.